User Guide for Choosing a Wooden Bat

Maple bats will have more “pop”. They are the strongest all around bat and are used by more by the pros.

Birch bats gives a little more flex than a maple bat but is close in “pop”. Birch is a great bat if you are new to wooden bats.

Ash bats have a larger sweet spot. They are less dense but more forgiving when you miss-hit.

In the end if a bat feels right then use it!

Maple Wood Bats

Maple wood has less give than ash, so more energy is transferred to propel the ball. This means the ball goes further. Maple bats are great for experienced hitters looking to add some pop to their wood bat.

Ash Wood Bats

Ash bats provided the opportunity for players to swing faster, connecting with the ball more often, as weights in almost every model became more manageable.

Birch Wood Bats

Birch bats are a great solution for the player who may miss-hit more.  Birch will also not provide the same benefits of maple or ash but if you are a new user of wooden bats this should be your bat.

All our wood bats meet BBCOR standards and are made from premium rock maple, yellow birch and white ash and are professional grade bats perfect for players at the High School, College, Adult baseball and Softball levels.

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